The system offers many uses and applications to the designer, engineer, operations manager and project managers.
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System Components

  • 6 360 ° wide-angle cameras, 15 frames per second per camera.
  • 3 SICK LiDAR scanning systems.
  • Differential GPS + IMU + (rotary wheel meter) for precise positioning determination.
  • Computers and peripherals.

Systems’ Outcomes

  • An exact travel route made in a simple and efficient process for the user.
  • Panoramic Photography allows for a wide orientation in space.
  • A three-dimensional laser point cloud – allowing exact measurements to be made across the image.
  • Automatic detection of objects along the way – columns, signs, road signs, etc.
  • The formation of GIS entities allows precise positioning determination.

Systems’ Benefits

  • Collecting information on the way / road while driving quickly. Geo-info is anchored!!
  • Shortening the time of data collection and delivery to the customer while maintaining unprecedented geographical accuracy!
  • A simple and easy to use interface that connects easily to all known GIS systems.
  • Flexibility and maximum adaptability to customer needs and systems.

Uses and Applications

Local Municipalities

  • Street surveys – quick photographic coverage of the streets in the city as well as “On Line” laser mapping in the shortest time and with high resolution.
  • Immediate connection – to the GIS systems and management systems of the local authority.
  • Automatic mapping – precise and very detailed for the facades of buildings in the streets, signage, gardening, road condition, fences, separation walls, street lighting and more.

Maintenance of roads

  • Inventory surveys – of road and advertising signs, accurate position of each sign, classification of each sign according to its situation and monitoring of damages.
  • Safety fences and handrails surveys – Possibility to focus on details up to a 5 cm resolution!!
  • Surveys of hazards on the side of the road/track – vegetation, distorted road, buildings, traffic lights.
  • Road marking surveys – road cracks, curbstones, crosswalks, road lighting.

Facilities Security

The system provides very broad information, excellent for planning specific area cells and enables planning and control over engineering projects.

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