GIS Systems

GIS systems based on the world’s leading ESRI software house: ArcView and ArcInfo.

  • Establishing databases – collecting information (planning, physical, proprietary, etc.) analysis of the information and its assimilation in the GIS system.
  • Agricultural areas – analysis and follow-up.
  • Built areas – extensions, industry, cadastre, urban construction plans.
  • Infrastructure – sewage, water, electricity and more.

Spatial analysis:

Building models on the surface.

  • Use of the LiDAR databases.
  • Analysis of height lines, angles & slopes in the areas of transportation, water and drainage.
  • Making profiles and cuts of the surface for engineering needs.
  • Analysis of absorption and broadcasting areas in the field of communications.
  • Locating the most appropriate location for the establishment of public institutions / hazardous plants / engineering structures.

GIS training

Ofek Aerial Photography has many years of experience in executing training sessions in the fields of GIS, mapping, remote sensing and other similar applications for users in Israel and abroad.

Ofek offers basic courses in operating GIS software for new users, as well as advanced seminars for experienced operators. The courses & seminars are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client.

The courses focus on a variety of GIS applications, such as:

  • Urban Planning
  • Transportation Management
  • Municipal Management
  • Land Management

The courses provide participants with theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience with the software through the use of test cases and field activities.

The training for groups from abroad takes place at Ofek offices in the form of full accommodations, including accommodation and meals, designated classes and study materials, visits to professional organizations and companies in the fields studied, as well as tourist tours throughout the country.

As a continuation of the GIS course, Ofek offers a specialization program for participants, which aims at accumulating practical experience and optimized assimilation of the professional knowledge and tools acquired during the course.

Ofek representatives will arrive at the client’s offices anywhere in Israel and abroad and will accompany the GIS operators with their first steps in the field. The instructors will assist the employees in operating the geographic information system, initiate and implement projects and advance GIS capabilities in the organization.

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