The perfect solution for 3D modeling and urban planning

Ofek offers a range of high-quality modeling solutions for urban planning, virtual tours, tactical planning, line-of-sight analysis and more. The models are based on innovative 3D modeling technology and high-quality aerial photography of real-time, location-based structures facades. The innovative technology enables the execution of a variety of advanced operations and presentation of vectored databases.

The new modeling technology offers a wide range of options:

  • Create a full three-dimensional photorealistic model that includes real facades for each structure
  • Background to a full planning environment
  • Wide coverage of neighborhoods and areas with high accuracy
  • View and compare an existing status for future planning
  • Add topographic models and vector layers to the model
  • Field analysis tools, cross sections, and line of sight calculations
  • Create points of interest on the model
  • Full access to all GIS systems
  • Unprecedented speed


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