The Survey Department specializes in characterizing customer needs and conducting surveys in a variety of methods:

  • The establishment of geographic databases (GIS) and their integration with the customer.
  • Mapping and interpretation based on aerial and satellite photographs.
  • Comparative analysis to identify building changes
  • Urban surveys and asset surveys
  • Surveys for Amendment 116 to the Planning and Building Law
  • Spatial surveys and field surveys
  • Integration, processing and analysis of spatial information.
  • Training & Practice on GIS tools.

Among our clients:

Government ministries, municipal authorities, governmental companies, commercial entities, infrastructure companies and more.
We offer a variety of advanced tools, services and solutions for urban surveys, in order to collect and analyze geographic and environmental information according to the needs of the municipality or the city.

Examples of Municipal and Institutional Surveys

  • Establishment and updating of geographic databases through surveys – mapping and analysis: information for planning, infrastructure, costs and statutory data, assets and buildings, various field surveys.
  • Useful mapping and land designation.
  • Infrastructure surveys – roads, traffic signs, sidewalks & pavements, signage, accessibility – mapping of accessibility failures throughout the city, lighting.
  • Gardening surveys – woods & plants surveys, garden furniture and irrigation infrastructure.
  • Tracking construction changes and land invasions.
  • Surveys based on aerial photography – comparative and historical analysis, mapping an existing situation.
  • Compiling information layers (statutory, etc.).
  • Scanning of maps, plans and documents and cataloging.
  • Computerization and assimilation of the municipality data.

Asset surveys – general information, projects, uses and types of assets

  • Usage survey
  • Authority assets
  • Measurements for the purpose of increasing revenues from municipal taxes, including updating “precise areas” (up to decimal point)
  • Comparative survey
  • Survey of construction irregularities and levies
  • Surveys of costs, land designation and planning information.

We invite you to enjoy all the benefits:

  • Complete and comprehensive solution – from the characterization through production to assimilation.
  • Characterization of customer needs and the use of a variety of data collection and analysis methods: spatial surveys, mapping and interpretation based on aerial and satellite photographs, photogrammetry and measurements, integration of information from various sources and its analysis.
  • Establishing and assimilating geographic databases.
  • Israel’s largest digital photo archive.
  • Possibility to work in all known formats.

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