Ofek provides satellite imagery in any resolution and from anywhere in the world.

The use of satellite imagery is increasing, enabling collection and process of information for various needs.

For years, Ofek specializes in processing information collected from satellite imagery for various purposes (land, agriculture, etc.).

The satellite images come in color, black & white, multi-spectral and infrared, it comes in different resolutions up to 30 cm per pixel!

Multi-spectral satellite data enable the implementation of various sorting processes, such as: identification of vegetation types, vegetation stresses, monitoring of land use, etc.

Satellite images come in several formats:

  • As raw material
  • As a radiometric photo
  • As a sorted photo (thematic map)
  • Orthophoto.

We work with the latest satellites available on the market: GeoEye, Quickbird, Pleiades, Spot, Ikonos and more.

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