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Ofek-owned airplanes

Ofek Aerial Photography operates a variety of airplanes that are used for flight missions in Israel, the Mediterranean Basin, and other areas, including aerial photography, test flights, and more.

All planes are designed for installing unique and sophisticated mapping cameras certified to SOI, that are replaced per need - flight destination, required image resolution, flight altitude, and off course changing customer requirements. 


  • Cessna Grand Caravan C-302

    The aircraft is modified to accommodate aerial survey campaigns, and its Turbo-Prop engine enables high altitude (25,000 ft.) and high speed flying. The Cessna is ideal to perform large scale aerial survey projects, and it is well suited for special equipment installations and for test flights operations.

  • Piper Chayenne 2

    Dual-engine photography plane (turbo fan engines) that allows high speed and flying at up to an altitude of 30,000ft. Is used to perform any international projects around the world.

  • Piper Navajo

    Dual-engine photography plane that performs missions up to an altitude of 25,000ft and enables large coverage aerial photography. This plane is suitable for special installations and is also used for aerial system test flights.