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Mobile Mapping



The Street Vision system, developed by Orbit Geosptical Technologies, is one of the first of its kind in the world.


This state-of-the-art 3D mobile mapping system for collecting mapping data from a moving vehicle with high resolution laser scanners, scanning the area by 360°, offers a host of uses and implementations to the planner, the engineer and the project manager.


System components


  • 6 panoramic cameras for 360° image collection at15 shots a second per camera
  • 3 LIDAR scanning systems (Laser mapping) made by SICK
  • Differential GPS + IMU (inertial measurement unit) for establishing precise coordinates
  • Computers and peripheral equipment


System outputs

  • Precise journey route done in a simple, efficient and a user friendly process.
  • Panoramic photography that affords a wide spatial view
  • 3D laser point-cloud which enables you to perform measurements on the photo
  • Automatic deciphering of objects along the route - poles, signposts, road signs, etc..
  • Creation of GIS entities and deriving precise coordinates from them


System benefits

  • Collection of general information about the route/road during fast driving. Anchored geographical information!!!
  • Shortening data collection time and period of submission to customer, while maintaining unprecedented geographic precision!
  • Convenient and simple to use interface that easily connects to all common GIS systems
  • Flexibility and maximum adjustment to user needs and systems


Uses and implementations


Local municipalities

  • Street surveys - fast coverage of town/ village streets and online laser mapping in the shortest time and highest resolution
  • Immediate connection to the local municipality's GIS and management systems
  • Precise automatic and highly detailed mapping of building facades, street signs, gardening, street and road condition, fences, parting walls, street lighting, and more...


Road maintenance

  • Inventory surveys signposts, precise coordinates of each signpost, signpost classification
  • Survey of fences and safety barriers - ability to focus on details up to a 5 cm resolution!!
  • Surveys of hazards along roads/ rails - vegetation, damaged road, buildings, traffic lights
  • Road marking surveys - cracks in road, curbstones, crossings, street lighting


Facility protection

The system provides extensive information. It is excellent for planning specific locations and allows planning and control of engineering projects.


Click here for live demo


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