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LiDAR - airborne Lidar system for precision mapping


Ofek Aerial Photography owns a new Lidar system made by Optech. This cutting edge and sophisticated system performs mapping using highly advanced methods and has some of the best capabilities in the world.

The LiDAR is installed on Ofek air crafts and rapidly scans very large areas within a very short period of time. Sensor for producing a dense, DEM (digital elevation model) quickly and with high precision.


Every beam reflected from the ground is received containing the following data:

  • Precise coordinates of beam hit location
  • Precise elevation above sea level of beam hit location


Laser mapping outputs:

  • DTM (digital terrain model) - 3D mapping of the terrain at a precision of at least 25cm.
  • DSM (digital surface model) - 3D mapping of the ground surface at a precision of at least 25cm.
  • Option to separate between mapping layers and create sub-layers
  • User friendly interface with all existing mapping and GIS systems


* The system contains an APPLANIX IMU (inertial measurement unit) and advanced processing SW programs for various uses.



LiDAR Applications:

  • Precise topographical mapping of large areas in a short time frame.
  • Mapping of corridors - roads, railway tracks, pipelines, waterway landscapes.
  • Mapping of electrical transmission lines and towers including tree clearance.
  •  Mapping and analyzing of drainage basins for flood risk management and control.
  • Mapping and monitoring of electric power transmission lines.
  • Quantity calculations for cut and fill and quarries operation.
  • Line of Sight analyses.
  • Preparation of 3D visualization of the ground and other scanned items.
  • Accurate base layer for producing an updated orthophoto.
  • Detecting objects and phenomena under vegetation.

Ofek has substantial experience in executing large scale projects with the LiDAR system for various clients such as government ministiriesmunicipal authorities, drainage authorities and engineering design and infrastrucuture companies.



Examples of Ofek projects with the LIDAR:

  • Mapping of drainage basin for flood risk management program in several European countries.
  • LiDAR scanning for hydraulic and environmental studies for the Jordan River Rehabilitation Center.
  • Coridor mapping – mapping of high voltage and ultra high voltage transmission lines for the Israel Electric Corporation.
  • Corridor mapping – mapping of borderlines.
  • Mapping urban areas for a cellular company.
  • Mapping high density built up areas for line of sight analysis
  • Mapping large areas as a basis for creating orthophoto.