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STC Camera Hole

As one of the world's leading company in the industry of aerial survey, Ofek  Aerial Photography Ltd. is offering for sale the certified plans for camera port (hatch) conversion suitable to aircraft type Cessna CARAVAN C-208 and C-208B.

The STC offered is suitable for numerous camera and airborne sensors, vertical and oblique. The STC includes detailed engineering instructions & plans and certificates of  CAAI – Civil Aviation Authority of Israel, subject to validation  by your local civil aviation authority.


We offer several packages with diverse options, that will meet your requirements.

  • Basic - A complete STC set of certified documents, including all plans and certificates for self installation.
  • Advanced - This comprehensive kit contains the STC plans and the set of manufactured parts required for own assembly.
  • Advanced Plus - This comprehensive kit contains all STC plans and a set of manufactured parts for  specific brand and sensors, for self  assembly.
  • Ultimate - The ultimate STC package. This excellent choice includes: plans, documents and parts to be installed with our expert technical staff at your required facility.

For additional information and price quotes please contact:

Ran Friedlander

Tel: +972 50 556 20 88 

Email: ranf@ofek-air.com