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Ofek MultiVision

The MultiVision technology provides a high quality photogrammetric solution that allows the user to display and analyze spatially anchored oblique aerial photographs based on vertical aerial photographs (orthophoto). 


MultiVision's advantage over vertical photography is evident as oblique images expose more details at a high resolution.


At the end of the process one can look at an object captured from 5 different shooting angles at changing resolutions, with every pixel anchored in the geographic terrain. This enables precise measurements of the length, width and height of any photographed object.


MultiVision is intended to serve as an aiding tool where definite measurement is not required, but accurate data is necessary to save resources. 


Supporting existing information

  • The technology is useful to GIS users as well as in areas of planning, construction, real estate, security, etc. The product can interface with other geographic software for obtaining more detailed information.
  • The technology allows to display existing GIS mapping by showing vectoral layers directly on oblique images.


Change detection

  • Advanced technological solution for displaying spatial changes: the software enables you to view a geographical area at different points in time for detecting and recording changes in property or landscape.
  • A solution that lets users verify visual changes with ease and confidence.
  • The advantage of this detection is that it saves field work and resources, offers a view of access-limited areas and affords verification or correction of existing information.  
Ofek MultiVisionOfek MultiVisionOfek MultiVisionOfek MultiVisionOfek MultiVision