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LiDAR - Airborne Laser Scanner


LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging. The LiDAR scanner in an optical sensor that measures the distance and other properties of an object by illuminating it with laser light and analyzing of the backscattered light.


The LiDAR returning light produces a cloud of laser points simulating the ground surface and terrain. Analyses and filtration of the points cloud produces an exact Digital Terrain Model ("DTM") and Digital Surface Model ("DSM") of the scanned ground. This separation and detection of the actual ground shape can be achieved even in areas in which the ground is covered by dense topography (urban areas, forests).


The LiDAR reflects the exact location of each laser hit point giving the precise X, Y, Z values of that point.


Ofek successfully implemnted LiDAR services at the fields of Forestry, Flood hazard, Geology, Road design and built, Urban and open area drainage and irrigation.