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Land Surveys

Ofek Aerial Photography provides Land survey services in the field of geodetic engineering in Israel and abroad:
  • Surveys for real estate purposes
  • Surveys for building permits at a scale of 1:250
  • Cadastral Surveys for registration purposes
  • Architectural surveys and surveys for planning purposes
  • Surveys for civil engineering purposes
  • Marine Surveys (bathymetric)
Ofek is able to provide solutions combining aerial photography and land surveys. A process ending in a product of the highest quality as well as being the most economical for the client.
The company has computerized equipment, designated software and geodetic survey instruments with the most advanced technical features in the field of land surveys in the world. The company is extensively knowledgeable on the subject of mapping with a point cloud and incorporating it in land surveys. The innovative technology allows achieving extremely accurate surveys and providing creative solutions in the field of geo-information.
Ofek has teams of experienced surveyors skilled in operating all surveying equipment.
The surveys are received in a computerized or manual format and signed by a certified surveyor!
Ground Surveys | Ofek aerial photographyGround Surveys | Ofek aerial photographyGround Surveys | Ofek aerial photography