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GIS training

Ofek has vast experience in performing courses and training in the fields of GIS, Mapping, remote sensing and other related applications.


We offer basic training in the operation of GIS software for new trainees, as well as advanced courses for skilled GIS operator. The courses are custom built according to every client needs and demands, and may focus of on a variety of GIS application such as:

  • Urban planning
  • Transportation management
  • Municipal operation
  • Land management
  • and more...

The courses are designed to provide the trainees "hand-on" experience, by using of relevant test cases and actual field operation.


Ofek conducts the courses on a full accommodation basis, including full board hospitality, dedicated classrooms and study material, visits to professional organizations in the related fields, as well as touristic tours around Israel. The training can also be held at the client's home country.


Following a GIS training course, we offer to perform on-job training to insure optimal implementation of the newly achieved professional skills. Ofek representative will arrive to the client's office, anywhere in the world, and accompany the local GIS operators in their first steps in the GIS world.

Our specialist will assist the local personnel in the operation of the GIS system, initiate and implement projects and advance the GIS capabilities in the organization. 


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GIS TrainingGIS TrainingGIS TrainingGIS Training