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GIS - Geographic Information System

GIS - based Information Systems


Ofek has extensive experience in building and setting up large and advanced geographical information systems (GIS) based on the leading OTS software in the market, made by ESRI International: Arc View, Arc Info.


  • Setting up databases - from data collection (planning, physical, property data, and more), through to data analysis to assimilation in a GIS system.
  • Agricultural areas - analysis and monitoring.
  • Urban areas - expansion neighborhoods, industry, cadastre, city building plans
  • Infrastructure - sewage, water, electricity, and more... 


Spatial analysis:

  • Building digital terrain models
  • Using the LIDAR databases
  • Slope analysis for transportation, water and drainage
  • Performing section views of the terrain for engineering purposes
  • Analyzing receipt and transmission areas for communications
  • Locating optimal sites for building public institutes/ dangerous industries/ geometric buildings