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Aerial Photography

Ofek has been providing aerial photography solutions for over 20 years. Aerial photography is performed with Ofek planes in which company-owned advanced and sophisticated cameras are installed. Today Ofek produces color, B&W, IR, oblique, and vertical aerial photographs.



  • Vertical stereoscopic aerial photographs

    Vertical aerial photographs are taken with high-resolution mapping cameras (approved by ISI) from different altitudes for Orthophoto and Photogrammetric mapping.Ofek maintains an archive of vertical images since 1989. The archive includes extensive areas with an overlap of 60% for mapping and Orthophoto as well as photographs with varying overlaps for comparative deciphering for Orthophoto and processing.

  • Oblique aerial photographs

    Aerial photographs from changing angles (determined per project needs) taken with a variety of cameras with different parameters for 3D modeling, Multivision and artistic documentation of landscapes and sights.

  • Laser imaging (LiDAR)

    The LiDAR remote sensing and imaging system collects geographic information by scattering a high density laser beams (50,000-100,000 pps). The system creates a cloud of laser points which accurately reflects the ground and its topography. The LiDAR sensor ) is linked to a GPS with 6 modes (X, Y, Z, lift, yaw, pitch). *Ofek obtained LiDAR based DEM data of almost the entire area of Israel.

  • Panoramic images

    Aerial photography taken with a designated camera from angles between 180÷ to 360÷. Ofek owns an extensive gallery of panoramic images both from the air and ground. This technology is unique to this camera.