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Ofek Group

  • Ofek Lapidot Systems

    Ofek Lapidot Systems of Ofek Aerial Photography Group performs property surveys both by employing the Multivision technology, based on aerial photography and mapping and ground surveys.

    Multivision technology is unique, advanced, reliable, precise, and constitutes a revolutionary breakthrough in digital mapping. The company engages in detection of illegal building, surveys for property tax purposes, archive scanning, property surveys for municipalities (public gardens, business licensing, signpost surveys, and more..

  • Ofek Jets

    Ofek Jets of Ofek Aerial Photography Group is an aviation company that operates a range of business and test jets.

    The company provides various services, including air ambulance, test flights, private flights, business flights, and more. The company has extensive experience gained since 1987 and its planes are used to reach a host of destinations in Israel, the Mediterranean Basin, and other areas.

  • Ofek Art

    Ofek Art of Ofek Aerial Photography Group is a professional photography lab that offers image processing and printing of the highest quality. Company employees are seasoned and experienced, among them some of the best professionals in Israel in photography, printing and framing.

    The lab boasts state-of-the-art technological equipment and performs all relevant activities from scanning, through color processing, to printing and framing. Company customers include museums, art galleries, photographers, artists, designers, and various commercial companies.

  • Geopoint

    GeoPoint Ltd. of Ofek Aerial Photography Group is a geo-technology company. It specializes in services in the fields of geodesy, land surveys, cadastre, real estate, geo technology, as well as in civil transportation engineering.

    The company owns cutting edge software and geodetic and engineering measuring tools. The combination of expert and skilled manpower and direct links with the academy for research purposes enable us to provide customers with a unique and comprehensive product package.