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Ofek aerial photography profile

Ofek Aerial Photography is the largest company in Israel, and one of the leading companies in Europe, in the field of aerial and satellite mapping and geographical applications.


The company was founded in 1987 and since then maintains a strategy of investing in extensive technological infrastructure to ensure its customers around the world enjoy a variety of the most advanced and best quality products in the fields of mapping and geography.


The company owns three aerial photography airplanes with state-of-the-art mapping cameras that enable to acquire a range of photograph types, both vertical and oblique.


Ofek employees have a diverse professional backgrounds a wide array of expertise: geodetic engineers, software programmers, mapping technicians, camera persons, geographers, aerial photography interpreters, pilots and navigators.


Ofek employs a certificated Quality Management System In accordance with the International Standard: ISO 9001:2008


Ofek Aerial Photography has set as primary goal providing top quality and professional service to its customers.   

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